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The Waukegan Flotilla 41 - 05 is one of the oldest units in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. It's members have been serving their country, their community and the boating public for nearly 30 years. The Flotilla meets monthly at it's headquarters in Waukegan, Illinois, and members regularly perform other training and public service missions at the Coast Guard station, local schools and various other locations in the greater Waukegan area.

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Read on to learn more about the mission of the Coast Guard Auxiliary!

Benefits - Why Join?


Knowing that you are helping to save lives - Either directly through Search and Rescue Operations or indirectly, through the Auxiliary's Public Education and Courtesy Examination Programs.

  • Special Training -- the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard provide training on all aspects of boating
  • Fellowship -- the Auxiliary provides opportunities to meet and have fun with fellow boaters
  • If you enjoy boating, boat with the best

Eligibility - Who can join?


Membership is open to all citizens of the United States and its territories who are at least 17 years old

Facility ownership (radio station, aircraft or boat) is desirable but not mandatory. Individuals with special skills or interests that may be useful to the Auxiliary (teaching, public affairs, administration and many others) are also welcome.


New members will need to complete the Auxiliary's Boating Safey and Seamanship Course, Sailing and Seamanship Course, or an equivalent test in order to participate in some programs. Fellow Auxiliarists will help new members as mentors to help and understand information about the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary, from the chain of command, to special training, to proper uniforms.

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